Kelsea Wilson

If you're anything like me, you like structure. It's better to know someone out there is like you and cares. It's important to me to help others succeed when it comes to college. Nobody said it would be easy but it's best if we help each other. My name is kelsea wilson. I am a current student at Northwest Mississippi Community College in Southaven,MS. I am currently enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy studying cardiopulmonary medicine. I am now moving to my third semester. I am here to help other students like myself who may be studying not only Respiratory but anything like it. I will share my knowledge with you and also discuss any findings I may have while going through clinical (book knowledge only). I was majoring in ACCELARATED WRITING but I changed because I have a true passion for helping people. I am also using my talents to work for my own study material. I've found that it has helped my own classmates. As I said before.. you're help is here. Please ask for any help if you may need it. We are all helping each other learn new things daily while we study respiratory!



Thanks for your interest in help is here... For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

snapchat: kelsead19

facebook: kelsea wilson

instagram: xokdenise___


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